Alternative to the ACA Health Plans — Short-Term may be the Answer

Skyrocketing Health Insurance rates over the years have many people asking “Is there a better plan for me and for my family for 2020?” For a certain population of North Carolinians, the answer may be “Yes.”  One popular alternative to the ACA plans are Short-Term Plans.  Short-term plans can be a great answer for North Carolina residents looking to bridge a gap in coverage during times of transitions. In addition, short-term plans are a great option if you are looking for a more affordable option than ACA plans.

Short-Term Plans May Be the Best Choice if you are:
  • Finding that Individual ACA Health Insurance plans are not within your financial means
  • A College students or young adults aging off a parents’ insurance plan
  • In transition with jobs -waiting for new benefits to begin or waiting to secure a new job
  • Experiencing a Divorce and have suddenly lost health insurance coverage
  • No Coverage due to missed Open Enrollment Deadlines
  • Retiring early and losing employer coverage and are not eligible for Medicare
Will I qualify for a Short-Term Plans?

It is not guaranteed that you will be approved for short-term coverage.  A trusted, licensed Agent can discuss the basics of these plans and then assist you in applying for Short-term coverage. PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS will not covered by Short-term Plans.

How Long Can I stay On a Short-Term Plan?

In North Carolina you can stay on a short-term plan for up to 360 days.

ACA Plan versus Short-term – Which is Right for Me?

Before looking at a short-term plan, take a look at the Affordable Care Act plans that are available to you in North Carolina and see if you are eligible for subsidy assistance to cover all or a portion of your health insurance costs. Depending on your situation, you can decide financially which plan makes better sense for your budget.

Another key factor when debating these two plans involves the issue of pre-existing medical conditions. Short-term plan typically do not over these conditions while an ACA compliant plan would cover any pre-existing conditions.  Another upside to the ACA plans is that all minimum essential benefits are covered by these comprehensive health insurance plans. Short-term plans do not cover all of these essential benefits.

Finally, turn to a local North Carolina licensed Agent to help you determine if a short-term plan is the right choice for you. With over 20 years of experience, we have helped thousands of North Carolinians secure quality and affordable health insurance. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to help from the initial discussion to the questions after a plan is selected. Contact us today and let’s talk about your options.

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