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How an Umbrella Insurance Policy Can Help You Better Protect Your Family in North Carolina

If you already have homelife, and auto insurance in North Carolina, you may think that you have all of your bases covered. But the truth is, you could have gaps in your insurance that could leave you vulnerable, namely for litigation, that could result from car accidents or incidents on your property. Fortunately, umbrella policies can help you protect your family from the unexpected. Read on to learn all about umbrella policies, and how having one can help you better protect your loved ones. 

What Is an Umbrella Policy?

You know that your standard car and home insurance policies protect you when accidents happen, but what happens if a lawsuit emerges after the fact? That’s where an umbrella policy comes in. An umbrella policy protects your personal assets, both now and future were you to lose a lawsuit following an accident on your property, or a vehicle accident. An umbrella policy gives you an extra layer of protection and assurance when the unexpected happens. The policy protects you from wage garnishments and other nasty things that can result in jeopardizing your financial security.

What Do North Carolina Umbrella Policies Include? 

In general, an umbrella policy picks up where your homeowner’s insurance or car insurance leaves off. Although every insurance policy is different, there are a few things that all umbrella policies include. Included in umbrella coverage are:

  • Extra coverage
  • Legal expenses
  • Pay reimbursement
  • Dependent children
  • Personal injury protection
What is Not Included in Umbrella  Insurance Coverage?

Although umbrella coverage covers a whole host of things that your regular home and auto insurance policies don’t, there are of course limits to the coverage available. Some things that your umbrella policy will not cover include: 

  • Business lawsuits
  • High-risk vehicle use
  • All vehicle types
  • Damage to your own vehicle
  • Damage to your own property
  • Excess health insurance
What are the Benefits to You?

When you invest in an umbrella policy to protect you and your family, you are investing in your financial future. Having an umbrella policy provides you with an extra layer of protection against expensive lawsuits, and can keep you and your family financially secure in the event of an accident.

Aside from financial security, having an umbrella policy also offers you peace of mind in an uncertain world. This knowledge is a great feeling.

Are you interested in learning more about umbrella policies, or how an umbrella policy can help you better protect your family? Call us today to get a free umbrella policy quote from one of our local agents!