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The Raleigh, North Carolina Auto Insurance Experts for Non-Owner Insurance

If you find yourself regularly driving a vehicle you do not own as an uninsured motorist, you may be surprised to learn that you can protect yourself with non-owner auto-insurance. This is a type of liability coverage that provides car insurance coverage to someone who does not own a vehicle but regularly drives them. These types of car insurance policies are for anyone using a friend or family member’s car while they are in between vehicles.

At Carolina Insurance Professionals, our team of North Carolina insurance agents specializes in helping clients find the best  car insurance rates that can meet their unique needs. We can assist any motorist who does not have a car to find an auto insurance policy from every available insurance company. If you are looking to insure yourself against any unforeseen occurrences, we can get you some affordable quotes for comprehensive coverages and automobile insurance.

What Does Non-Owner Car Insurance Do?

This type of car insurance is not one that is as expansive as other vehicle coverage plans. For example, it does not provide collision coverage for an auto accident that includes damage that requires repairs. collision coverage, The plans preclude coverages for roadside assistance, towing, vandalism, comprehensive or rental reimbursement because there is no primary vehicle to provide coverage for. Because the policyholder would not own a vehicle of their own, non-owner car liability insurance policies typically provide coverage in a 30/60/25 formula ($30k, $60k, and $25k) that covers medical bills, bodily injury liability and property damage liability costs in the event of an accident (or even if the car is totaled from an automobile accident).

If you are someone who borrows or rents cars regularly, wants to refrain from having a lapse in coverage with some gap insurance, or you have a court order mandating you to maintain insurance whether or not you own a car, non-owner car insurance can provide you with a cost-effective and reliable policy that can cover your bases. It may even be possible to find an insurer that can add uninsured/underinsured motorist protection or personal injury protection to your current auto insurance coverage, without expensive car insurance premiums.

Let Us Look For Your Next Policy

You do not need to visit several North Carolina agencies for a car insurance quote to get the auto policy you deserve. With so many insurance companies to choose a vehicle protection plan from. It can be hard to know who is offering you the best car insurance at the best price, or what the details of their policy mean. Instead of selecting an insurance policy that may have holes in its coverage, we can help you find the most affordable car insurance rates and deductibles with a provider that will meet your unique needs as a car owner or otherwise. 

No matter which type of auto insurance coverage you are looking for, we can get you a quote for it. If you are ready to meet with our dedicated and experienced North Carolina team, contact our Raleigh office today. The sooner you reach out to us the sooner we can provide you with the coverage you need. So call today for the car insurance quotes you have been looking for.

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