Motorcycle Insurance in North Carolina

Whether you’re on a touring bike, cruiser, sport bike, a slick custom ride or a scooter, you can’t be completely care-free out on the open road if you don’t have the proper coverage in place. We can help you ride with the best coverage for your pride and joy – and stay within your budget! Find the best coverage, understand your plan, and get the customer service you deserve with Carolina Insurance Professionals.

When it comes to your motorcycle insurance in North Carolina, we want to make sure you have coverage for what matters. With so many choices out there, finding the right plan can be confusing. We help you sort through your options and advise you on liability, collision, uninsured motorist coverage, and everything in-between.

Motorbikes and Personal Vehicle Types We Insure

We know everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what they ride. We can help you find the right North Carolina insurance for any of the following vehicles:

  • Customized Motorcycles
  • Motorcycles 25 Years & Older
  • Cruiser
  • Limited Production Cruiser
  • Street Sport
  • High Performance
  • Touring
  • Sport Touring
  • Dual Purpose/Enduro
  • Motocross/Dirt Bike
  • Mopeds
  • Scooter
  • Trike
  • All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)/Off-Road Vehicle

Understanding More About Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

When searching for the best motorcycle insurance options in North Carolina, we’ll help you determine what kind of coverage your bike needs and how much.

Medical Cost Coverage

Regardless of who is at fault, a good insurance plan will cover your medical payments; if you are at fault, it should also cover the medical bills for the other person or persons.  Talk to us about the other terms and conditions of this coverage.

Custom Protection for Your Custom Ride

Your motorcycle is crafted with care, and if it gets damaged or stolen, we have plans that will cover the entire replacement cost. This means that you will get a new bike just like your original. You’re welcome.

Covering Your Pit Crew

If you run out of fuel, have a dead battery, or experience some other mechanical or electrical breakdown, make sure you have a roadside assistance plan for you and your bike.  Such a plan should cover the costs of towing to the nearest repair facility, as well as other potential labor costs at the site of the breakdown.

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