Nurse Holding Chalkboard that says medicare on it. Title "Zero Premium Medicare Advantage Plans for 2021"
MedicareOpen Enrollment

Big News for 2021 – Zero ($0) Premium Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Open Enrollment is on the horizon and now’s the time to start thinking about which Medicare Plan is best for you in 2021. The big news for 2021 is that there are NEW Zero ($0) Premium Medicare Advantage Plans available in 87 counties in North Carolina. Jayson Greene, our President and Medicare guru, can advise North Carolina residents every step of the way on the benefits of these NEW Zero ($0) Premium Medicare Advantage Plans. Our goal is to find you the right plan at the right price.

The Zero Premium Medicare Advantage Plans are new offerings for 2020 in the state of North Carolina. Zero Premium plans are not only are good for your budget, but they can ensure that you have ZERO worries when it comes to the services that the plan will provide you.  These exceptional Medicare plans can provide you with a peace of mind knowing that you’ve secured a plan that will protect you with the doctors you trust at prices you can afford.

Factors that you should take into consideration

Having a trusted Medicare agent on your side is critical when going through the complicated maze of Medicare choices.  Here are a few factors that you should take into consideration when starting this process:

First of all, choose a Medicare Advantage plan that is right for you. A top-notch Medicare plan will allow you to see your preferred doctors. In addition, look for plans that will give you the freedom to see doctors across the United States.

Secondly, choose a Medicare Advantage plan that will cover the costs that traditional Medicare doesn’t cover.  Zero ($0) Premium Medicare Advantage plans can fit your needs and your budget! Most Medicare Advantage plans include Medicare Part D Prescription Drug coverage. Therefore, you’ll have one single premium which is a perk over traditional supplemental plans. In addition, some plans include extra benefits including Dental, Vision and the popular Silver and Fit program. A knowledgeable Medicare agent can explain these details to you with no fees for this great advice.

Finally, start the process today! Medicare Open Enrollment starts October 1, 2020 and ends on December 7, 2020.  The process can be complicated, but we can make it simple for you. Our website is an excellent source of all things Medicare:

The team at Carolina Insurance Professionals is here to find out if the Zero ($0) Premium Medicare Plans are the best choice for you in 2021.  Our knowledge of the latest plans and coverage info gives our clients the information that is critical when picking Medicare Advantage plans.  Give us a call today and let’s start the discussion.