Are you Prepared for Open Enrollment?

September 30, 2017

Open Enrollment 2018

Open Enrollment runs November 1, 2017, through December 15, 2017. A shorter enrollment period means that more people will be trying to sign up for a North Carolina health insurance plan at the same time. 

Plan ahead! You can cut down your wait time and get individualized attention by scheduling an appointment today with a local health insurance agent. With the help of an agent you get the expert help you need to make the best decision and ensure your application goes through with absolutely no cost to you. 

Enroll In a Plan or Be Prepared for Higher Taxes 

You may have discovered when you filed your taxes in 2016 that there is a fine for not securing health insurance. This year the fine is $695 per adult and $347.50 per child, or 2.5% of your modified gross income.

Don't be surprised come tax time! Find an affordable health insurance plan during open enrollment this year. You may qualify for subsidized coverage, making North Carolina health insurance much more reasonable than you think. 

Don’t Forget to Use an Agent

Using an Agent does not cost you anything. Get assistance enrolling as well as throughout the life of your policy!

Not using an Agent can cost you. 

  • You may not understand how your income projection will be calculated and could owe additional money to the IRS
  • You may be eligible for additional cost sharing from the government, but you may not realize you qualify
  • You may need to supply additional documentation to the government. If you miss the deadline your subsidy may be canceled mid-year
  • You may choose the wrong plan that may not cover prescriptions or doctor visits
  • You may choose the wrong network that does not include your doctors and local hospitals 

Avoid mistakes by making an appointment with one of our trained, certified agents at no cost to you. We assist you in shopping for, evaluating, and applying for North Carolina health insurance plans through the Federal Marketplace.

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