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What You Need to Know About Home Insurance Claims

Home. Your place of retreat, your creative space, your bachelor pad. The place where you first brought your baby home, the place where your family gathers on holidays. No matter what “home” means to you, a house is one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make. So, what do you do when something happens to your beloved abode? What to File Before you even begin... Read Article

How An Umbrella Policy Can Help You Better Protect Your Family

If you already have home, life, and auto insurance in North Carolina, you may think that you have all of your bases covered. But the truth is, you could have gaps in your insurance that could leave you vulnerable, namely for litigation, that could result from car accidents or incidents on your property. Fortunately, umbrella policies can help you protect your family from the unexpected. Read on to learn... Read Article

North Carolina Boating Season Checklist

It’s boating season! Every summer, thousands of North Carolinians cool off by boating around our beautiful coastal shores and inland lakes.  Watercraft season is once again here!  Time to collect your boat from storage, check your safety equipment, and get out there.  After running through your start-up checklist you’ll be ready to hit the water! As a boater, adding these items to your checklist can... Read Article

Why Choose a Local Independent Agent for Your Auto Insurance in North Carolina?

Choosing an insurance agency can be overwhelming and confusing, and there are many types of insurance agencies and agents to choose from. Using a local auto insurance agent is a great choice for many individuals, businesses, and families, and having a local agent that you can trust is important. Read on to learn about the top three reasons why you should choose a local independent... Read Article

North Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane season takes place June 1 – November 30 every year.  Don’t wait to have a plan in place for the upcoming hurricane season.  Although most North Carolina residents don’t live on the coast, we are still at risk of severe impacts from Hurricanes.  After the impact of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, Fayetteville residents are aware of the devastation and destruction that hurricanes can... Read Article