Individual Dental Insurance in North Carolina

individual dental insurance NC

Dental insurance in North Carolina helps cover a portion of your costs associated with dental care. Your dental insurance plan will help cover routine services like basic cleanings, X-rays, fillings, oral surgery, as well as major procedures like crowns, dentures, and dental implants. 
Medical experts have linked periodontal (gum) disease to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, preterm or low-birth-weight babies and other health issues. Nearly 75 percent of American adults have some form of periodontal disease, and the symptoms can be so mild that some people don’t even know they have them.  But with proper daily dental care and regular dental checkups, you can detect, prevent and treat gum disease and related disorders. Choose the right dental insurance plan and you can take a big step toward protecting your overall health. Carolina Insurance Professionals can help you find the right plan, so you are covered no matter where you are in North Carolina.

Why purchase dental insurance? 

There are many reasons to add dental insurance to your North Carolina health insurance plan. Medical research shows a connection between dental health and many serious health conditions, including diabetes and coronary heart disease to name a few. With dental insurance through Carolina Insurance Professionals, you save on preventive, basic and major dental services and increase your overall health.

An individual dental insurance policy for a North Carolina resident can alleviate the high cost of dental services. With North Carolina dental insurance, expensive dental services like cleanings, fillings and oral surgery are covered under your plan.

Benefits of Dental Insurance

With dental insurance you get 100% coverage on routine preventative or diagnostic care. This includes routine checkups and cleanings twice per benefit period, along with bitewing X-rays. You will also have partial coverage for major services like crowns, root canals, or oral surgery after you meet your deductible. 

The coverage offered through dental policies in North Carolina can vary, so you will want to make sure the plan you purchase makes sense for your family. Don’t wait until the last minute, though, there is often a waiting period for dental insurance plans before coverage for major procedures kicks in!

If you are looking to reduce your dental care costs without hassle, without much paperwork, or without many complications, contact Carolina Insurance Professionals!