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DIY Home Projects:  How to tackle a project on your insured property

You’ve seen the endless number of home improvement shows on TV. Each unique in their cast and location, but each highlighting a worn house as it undergoes a beautiful transformation. You may have even found yourself imagining that same transformation. It is tempting to tackle a do it yourself project after considering the cost of property renovations and professional improvements. Before you start knocking down walls for an open floor plan, you should consider if the DIY project should actually be done by yourself or if you will need to hire a professional to complete it for you.

Doing It Yourself

Before starting any DIY project, assess your skills and abilities. If this is your first attempt at a do it yourself idea, start with something simple. For instance, try something like painting or restaining your kitchen cabinets. As you learn more and gain confidence you can move on to bigger and better projects. Maybe try a project that require more skills and experience. To avoid damaging your property, don’t take the risk of handling a project you don’t know how to do. This can result in unnecessary costs to fix what has gone wrong, a costly claim against your property insurance, or even a medical issue if you injure yourself or another while attempting a home improvement.

Seasonal home maintenance is ideal for DIY beginners. Above all, it helps to improve your property value, and can help prevent future claims against your property insurance. Stick to simple DIY projects that can be completed over a weekend to avoid drowning in a long-term renovations. 

Hiring a Contractor

Once you have decided your home project idea is outside of your skill level or comfort zone, you can find a trusted and well-known professional to do the job for you. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, but consider reaching out to your insurance agent for tips on selecting a professional who will protect your property from damage.  And if you’re still yearning to play a hands-on role in a home improvement renovation, you can act as your own general contractor. You can hire, schedule and pay your individual tradesmen. You will still feel a sense of satisfaction in the improvement process by hiring, scheduling, and paying your individual tradesman.

Whether you decide to DIY or hire a professional, remember to report any home improvement renovations or additions to your homeowners insurance NC agent. If you are hiring a contractor, perhaps consult with your agent about risk injury coverage. No matter which route you take it is important to think ahead! 

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