Homeowners Claims Made Simple

The definition of a Homeowners Insurance Claim is “A homeowner’s request for reimbursement under the terms of the policy.”  Seems simple enough, right? As a homeowners insurance policy holder, you have paid your annual premiums to your insurance company for years. Therefore, when an incident happens to your home, the initial step is to file a claim so you can repair the damages.  However, filing a claim with your insurance company is not always the best option.

Things to do before you call your insurance company to start the claim process:
  • Find and Review your current homeowners insurance policy. Take a look at your coverage and your deductibles. If repair cost for the damage is close to the cost of your deductible, you may want to pay for the expenses out of pocket. The number of claims that you have over time can impact your insurance rates and your insurability in the future. 
  • Contact the police if the damage you received was due to vandalism or larceny.
  • Secure your Home from Future Damage. If possible, use tarps or boards to cover damage to your home to prevent future damage because of weather.
  • Take photos and Videos.  Take numerous photos and videos to document the actual damage on the structure and the areas around the property. This information will assist your insurance company during the claims process.
If you decide to proceed with filing the claim, the key is organization on your part:
  • Have your policy number ready to provide the agent. Take a quick look at your policy to refresh your memory on your coverage and deductible.
  • Take detailed notes on the instructions your agent or claims representative gives you about the process.
  • Keep an up-to-date paper trail of documents and conversations that you have with the adjusters. It’s a great idea to do the same with the workers as the repair project begins.

Finally, take a deep breath and relax.  This claims and restoration process can be stressful, but hopefully, your insurance company representatives will alleviate your stress and guide you with this process in a simple manner.  If you’re not sure you have the Homeowners coverage that you want and need, it may be time to shop around and compare homeowners insurance policies. The average homeowners insurance policy might not best suit your needs. The dedicated team of Agents at Carolina Insurance Professionals is here to help with the home insurance buying process with competitive prices, excellent products and amazing customer service.

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