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How to Add Your New Baby to Your Health Insurance: 3 Things to Know

After you have a child, you will need to add your new son or daughter to your health insurance plan, but you also have the option to purchase a new plan. 

1. What is the cost of adding a dependent to your current policy?

Before your baby is born, it is a good idea to contact your health insurance agent to discuss how rates on your current plan will change. Depending on the costs, you may want to look at your other insurance options. 

Having a baby is classified as a qualifying life event that allows you to enroll your child in a health insurance policy and make changes to your current plan outside the open enrollment period.  If you opt to change your plan, you will have 60 days to purchase a new plan, but we recommend starting the process well before the deadline.

If you decide to stay with your current health insurance plan, make sure you contact your insurance provider to let them know that you have a dependent to add to your plan.  Contacting your provider will ensure you don’t miss out on any health benefits. 

2. Will you qualify for health insurance subsidies? 

Adding another person to your household means that the income levels for you to qualify for health insurance subsidies changes as well.  If you are not offered health insurance through an employer, you may qualify for a larger subsidy. A North Carolina health insurance agent can help you determine your subsidy. Also, the agent can determine your coverage options.

3. Does your parent’s health insurance cover you? 

Under the affordable care act, a young-adult can be covered under their parents’ health insurance plan.  That coverage, however, does not extend to their children’s children. These are circumstances that a local Agent can make you aware of during enrollment. The knowledge that a local agent can provide you is priceless.

Need help evaluating your health insurance options? Contact the agents at Carolina Insurance Professionals for free health insurance quotes. We want to make sure you have the best health insurance for you and your family. We can talk through different health insurance plans to make sure you are completely aware of your coverage. 

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