Is Your Car Ready for A Road Trip

Keeping Your Car in Good Shape on a Road Trip

You’ve picked your destination –now it’s time for planning the perfect road trip. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving a couple of hours away or several states away—planning is the key to making sure your Auto is ready to safely deliver you and your precious cargo to your every stop along the way.

We all think about the typical trip prep things—what to pack and exciting itineraries. Before you get to all the fun items, make sure that you’ve considered some of the more practical things. Before leaving on this road trip, make sure your auto insurance coverage is appropriate for this trip. Contact your agent at Carolina Insurance Professionals to do a quick review of your policy and see if you should increase your liability limits. Also, does your policy include Roadside Assistance? A quick phone call can refresh your memory on your current coverage.

Adding a few extra items to your To-Do List will help you have a safe and fun trip:
  1. Have your car serviced -check fluids, change the oil, rotate and inflate tires, check belt and hoses
  2. Pack necessary emergency supplies such as jumper cables, flashlights, water, snacks, and blankets
  3. Plan ahead and research your destination addresses and add that info to your GPS
  4. Make sure you have your Driver’s License and Auto Registration ready in case you need to present it at any point on your trip
  5. Make sure you have enough cash and credit cards in case of unexpected costs while on the road
  6. Charge Cell Phones and have extra charging cords and portable chargers
  7. Consider purchasing travel insurance.
Travel Insurance for Road Trips?

Many people do not typically consider travel insurance when they aren’t flying, however, we believe, especially on long road trips, it is a crucial part of your travel preparations. Even if your vehicle is covered in the event of an emergency, consider what would happen if a medical emergency occurred when you are outside of your health insurance network. Along with this, some travel insurance plans can cover your auto insurance in the event of an accident. It is quick and easy to purchase travel insurance, and you can even buy travel insurance online. We recommend that you compare travel insurance plans and receive a travel insurance quote. To ensure you have the best coverage, we recommend working directly with a trusted agent. 

Once on the road:
  • Drive safely-watch your speed—you definitely don’t want a speeding ticket and auto premium increase to ruin your trip.
  • Pay attention to those around you and keep your eyes on the road to avoid accidents
  • Watch your gas levels to avoid any problems

The plans have been made and you are ready to head out on your great adventure. Don’t forget to bring your Auto Insurance Identification Card with you on this trip just in case a problem arises along the way.

Not happy with your current coverage? Whether it be auto or travel insurance, contact Carolina Insurance Professionals today. We are here to listen and make sure you have a policy that works for you and your budget and ensures you have the coverage that you deserve. You’ve prepared and planned the perfect Road Trip—enjoy!