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Narrowing Networks in the Triangle

There seems to be a new trend in health care and that is “Narrowing Networks.” As the world of health insurance changes with rising medical and premium costs, insurance companies in North Carolina are focusing their efforts on how to streamline their costs.  Narrowing the networks that are available to members is one way that Insurers are trying to cut overall costs.

What Is Narrow Networks?

Narrow Networks is the concept of health insurance providers restricting their member’s available networks to certain providers and hospitals that agree to excellent Coordination of Care to their patients. For example, if you elect to go with UNC providers and hospitals, you will pick doctors, specialists and hospitals that all coordinate with the UNC System. Conversely, if you go with Duke Health System, your choices will be centered around those Duke/Wake Med offerings.

Care Coordination can benefit the patient from the primary doctor level to long term care. Therefore, many North Carolina Insurance carriers recommend Coordination of Care to help the patient have all the information within one health care system to help insure excellent medical care is provided to the patient.

There are a number of benefits of Care Coordination. First, patients will have access to a defined group of health care services and providers. Secondly, good communication between providers will result in easy transitions for patients during their treatment.  Thirdly, these providers can provide simple medical information that patients can understand. Finally, patients and providers can focus on the health and treatments of patients through their coordinated efforts.

It’s a new way of thinking, but it’s a smart way of thinking if you live in the Triangle area.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a plan/network?
  • Do you have certain doctors or specialists that you frequently visit?
  • Are there medical conditions that require you to visit certain facilities?
  • Do you live/work within a reasonable distance of the network that you are a part of?
  • Are Emergency Facilities in your area part of the network?

Confused by this concept of Narrowing Networks? Give us a call and talk to one of our dedicated and licensed Agents and let’s see what the best Health Insurance path is for you! We want to make the process simple for you and to ensure that you have a plan that will cover the Doctors, Specialists, and Hospitals that you want to visit. Health Insurance Networks can be complicated, but we want to make it easy for you. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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