Obamacare First Week in January 2014 – 1

Obamacare First Week in January 2014 – 1

Obamacare in North Carolina is now in action! Over 2 million people, nationwide, have enrolled in Obamacare and many more are in the process. If you are uninsured and considering purchasing health insurance in North Carolina, here are some of the things you should consider after Obamacare’s first week.

January 15th is the next important deadline.

You must be enrolled by January 15th in order for coverage to begin on February 1st. Remember, if you miss this deadline, you will have to wait for insurance coverage until March. Some North Carolina residents waited to enroll because they were nervous about how Obamacare would function in action. The system is working, so if you delayed starting your enrollment, don’t wait any longer. To avoid a tax penalty, you must have health insurance by March 31st.

Healthcare.gov is working, but it is still very challenging.

Most of the major healthcare.gov issues are behind us, but the site still offers some challenges. In fact, if the subsidy application process is completed improperly,enrollment could be delayed indefinitely. Many have struggled with the site on their own before getting help from an insurance agent. Whether you are just starting the application, already stuck, or want to be sure you have completed it correctly, an insurance agent can help you complete it successfully.

There is still time to beat the rush.

Being able to seek treatment when you need it is is one of the greatest benefits of health insurance. If you don’t yet have health insurance, contact us and we can help you through the enrollment and subsidy process.

With new coverage comes lots of questions.

Many people whose coverage started on January 1st were previously uninsured. Understanding the details of your policy is key to enjoying the benefits of health insurance. We are always available to help our clients find answers. Unlike a healthcare.gov navigator, if you need help understanding coverage details or learning how to find out which prescriptions are covered, we are always here.

Don’t forget, enrollment is still open and for those who qualify, subsidies are still available. As open enrollment continues, we are here to help you. Contact us to find the right insurance coverage for you.

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