Reasons to Move to North Carolina
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On the Move in 2020 – Top Five Reasons You Should Move to North Carolina

Is a move in your horizon for 2020? If so, here are five top reasons you should make your move to North Carolina.

One: Three Distinct Geographical Regions

North Carolina has three distinct regions which make it very appealing to potential residents.  The Mountains, the Piedmont and Coastal areas of our great state have something for everyone.   The Mountain area is full of eclectic charm and tons of adventure.  The Piedmont area is home to numerous wineries, craft breweries and the NASCAR scene. The coastal areas all boast wonderful waterfront towns full of endless activities both off and on the water.  Wonderful memories are guaranteed no matter where you decide to reside in North Carolina.

Nervous that you’ll pick the wrong area?  No worries—each area is a day trip away if you decide you want to check out other attractions in the state.

Two: Jobs

The State of North Carolina has been fortunate to keep a low unemployment rate and many of its larger cities boast high-tech jobs and larger organizations. Certain areas of the state will be more attractive to you depending on your career path. The Charlotte area is known as a huge hub for Financial institutions while the Raleigh area is known for the Research Triangle Park with its high-tech larger companies. Also, State Government jobs abound in the capital city of Raleigh. If your career is more in the tourism area, Asheville or Wilmington may be the perfect place to launch your new job path.

Three: Education

The Tarheel state is fortunate to have an exceptional University system with 17 institutions, a community college system of 58 schools and a network of premier private colleges. No matter what degree you are looking to explore, there is an ideal program for everyone.  The area is home to some of the premier post graduate schools in the country. The K-12 educational systems also has numerous choices including public, private and charter schools.

Four: Food

When you think of North Carolina—you probably think of BBQ and Cheerwine and that’s a BIG hit in our state, but there is so much more to the food scene in North Carolina.  For instance, the Asheville downtown scene is known for the variety in its delicious cuisine.  The Piedmont Regions boasts on its delectable food scene- trendy restaurants to food truck rodeos. Downtown Raleigh is home to countless breweries and award-winning dining spots including the network of restaurants owned by Ashley Christensen. This amazing chef was recently awarded the James Beard 2019 Outstanding Chefs. There are so many award-winning chefs in North Carolina.  Finally, the coastal areas provide its visitors and residents with an abundance of amazing FRESH seafood options!

Five: Entertainment

If you move to North Carolina, your biggest decision will be what to try first and biggest problem will be how to figure out how to fit all the fun in.  From professional sporting events, college athletics, amazing plays and musicals, outdoor adventures and lazy days spent on the coastal waters—North Carolina has something to offer everyone.

It is truly difficult to keep this list to the top 5 reasons why you should relocate to North Carolina! Other top reasons would be quality of life, amazing climate, excellent transportation system, and cost of living. Don’t forget the amazing Southern charm of born and bred North Carolinians.

No matter what part of the state you decide to call home, our team of licensed Agents will be here every step of the way to make sure you secure the auto, home and health insurance that will be perfect to cover anything that comes your way.  If you’ve hit the retirement years, we can assist you with the transition to Medicare.  As a new resident of North Carolina, it is ideal to have all your policies with a trusted family-owned business to keep things in order and to have a trusted family on your side to make sure you have the coverage you need. Let’s get moving and get you started on your transition to North Carolina.