Typically, renters insurance cost in North Carolina won’t break the bank and will give you a peace of mind if the unexpected happens.  Cheap renters insurance is readily available. A monthly premium could be equivalent to the price of a lunch out with friends. More North Carolinian’s than ever are renting apartments, condos, and homes. For instance,  college students, young professionals and adults who are in transition or aren’t interested in the upkeep and responsibility of owning a home are choosing to rent.

Our agents at Carolina Insurance Professionals can assist you in picking the perfect coverage for you.

Many first time renters often ask, “What is renters insurance?” A renters insurance policy will protect you in three critical ways.

1. Protect your Personal Property

Renters Insurance provides protection for your belongings in case something unexpected happens like fire, theft, bad weather, and vandalism. Your landlord is responsible for having Home Insurance for the actual building. The landlord’s policy covers things like the roof and the building structure. Your personal belongings aren’t included on their policy. Finally, you will need to do a basic inventory of your belongings in case you need to file a claim.

2. Be Ready for Any Unfortunate Accidents that Happen in your Rental Property

Accidents happen! If you happen to damage something or someone has an accident in your rental, you want to insure you are protected.  These damages, medical bills, and more could be covered with the right policy.

3. Cover Your Living Expenses

A little known fact regarding renters insurance coverage is that your renters policy would cover certain unexpected items. For instance, your living expenses and meals at a local hotel may be covered if you  have to leave your residence due to damage.

Don’t forget – A Licensed Agent Can Help Pick the Level of Coverage that’s Right For You

Above all, a trusted agent can help you pick the level of coverage that is best for you and your budget. In addition, they can help determine the amount of personal property that you have inside the rental. It is easy to get a renters insurance quote. Just do a quick home inventory and list all of your belongings with an estimate of the cost of the item. Save any receipts for purchases that would help you if you had to file a claim.

Take photos or videos of the contents of your home. Pay special attention to electronics, furnishings, jewelry. People areesurprised at how much it would cost to replace even simple household items. There are Apps that you can use to help you keep up with this inventory. In conclusion, it’s a great idea to update this inventory from time to time.

When looking for Renter’s Insurance in North Carolina, contact the trusted team at Carolina Insurance Professionals and we will help you find the perfect plan for your wallet and your peace of mind!