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Why You Should Use a North Carolina Health Insurance Agent To Find a Health Insurance Plan

Many think that using an insurance agent means an additional cost to enroll in a health insurance plan, but that is not the case. North Carolina residents who use a local health insurance agent get great advice with no extra costs.

With a North Carolina Health Insurance Agent You Get:

When you enroll in a health insurance plan in North Carolina you have two options: use the help of a licensed health insurance agent, or a health insurance navigator. It can be confusing to find the differences between the two.  Here are a few key differences you need to know!
Health Insurance Agent vs navigator

Expert Health Insurance Advice in North Carolina

Whether you buy insurance through the exchange in North Carolina or not, there are a variety of health insurance options available.  A health insurance agent is an expert on health insurance plans and options and will advise you on what plan will best suit your needs because we know the ins and outs of the market and can make sure you don’t run into any surprises when it comes to your health insurance.
Excellent support and service may be lacking when you purchase insurance directly from the provider or exchange. Health insurance navigators in North Carolina are only required to take a 40-hour training course on health insurance. Therefore, they do not possess the expertise level of a certified insurance agent.

Personal Service and Greater Availability

A navigator does not offer the same level of service as a local NC agent.  Therefore, you also may have trouble getting the same navigator on the phone should you have questions later. Most navigators are not experts in the health insurance. Our knowledgeable agents can give you expert guidance and support through the process.
Our expert insurance agents offer expert advice with no additional costs.  We can help you find the best North Carolina health insurance plan.
Get started by requesting a free rate quote and find out how much you will receive in health insurance subsidies.