Your Homeowners Policy: How To Learn About Your Coverage

One of the most important parts of your Home is something that visitors don’t see— your Homeowner’s insurance policy. It protects your home and its belongings without you ever having to really think about that safety net.  Trust that the coverage you have purchased will protect you and your family for many years. Trust a family-owned business like Carolina Insurance Professionals to ensure that you have a homeowners insurance policy that will protect your structure and the inside contents.

Homeowner’s policies are two-fold. The policy can protect the actual structure, but these policies also protect the contents inside. Understanding your homeowner’s policy can seem like an overwhelming document. However,  these tips can give you a basic knowledge of your homeowner’s insurance coverage. 

1. Check out the Declaration Page of your Current Policy

This page will explain the basics that everyone should know about their policy including policy coverage dates, deductibles, levels of coverage, and available discounts. If you decide to shop around for insurance quotes, it’s advisable to have this page handy. This knowledge will help make sure the quote you are getting is comparable to your existing policy. A lot of homeowners may first ask about the homeowners insurance cost. However, we recommend diving deeper.

2. Understand What Your Policy will Cover for the Actual Structure of the Home

First, your Homeowners Policy will cover the structure of your property because of damage from fire, water damage, hail, and wind.   It is important to insure your home for the total amount that it could cost if you had to rebuild if it were destroyed. For example, some insurance companies may only pay out a portion of the repair costs if you don’t have enough coverage. Above all, it is important to work with a reputable agent to ensure  you have the appropriate coverage.

3. Educate Yourself about the Importance of Homeowners Insurance for Personal Property

It is important to be organized and to have detailed listings of your personal property. For example, this would include an inventory list with prices, serial numbers etc.  

In conclusion, your job as a homeowner is to protect your investment by selecting an agent and Insurance Company that will walk you through the home insurance buying process.  Rest assured that the top notch team of professionals at Carolina Insurance Professionals will guide you in this process and ensure you have the coverage you need at a reasonable price. Contact us for a homeowner’s insurance quote. Of course, we will make sure you have the best homeowner’s insurance for your situation. 

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