Moving to North Carolina: What You Need to Know About Medicare

So you’re thinking of moving to North Carolina? We are not surprised. Whether you are moving to the amazing Blue Ridge mountains, the exquisite coast or to a major North Carolina city, you’ve made a great choice selecting the Tarheel state as your new home.  North Carolina has been ranked as one of the most popular states for retirees. You may be moving to this region to be closer to friends and family or you may just be attracted to everything North Carolina has to offer—no matter the reason–we have you covered when it comes to tips to make your transition easier when it comes to Medicare.

As you make this move, you will have quite an extensive “Moving to Do List” between buying and selling a home, selecting a moving company and other details like packing!  Health Insurance coverage (if under 65) and Medicare coverage should definitely be on your checklist and the team at Carolina Insurance Professionals is here to help check off several boxes on that list.

Moving your Medicare from state to state doesn’t have to be hard if you have this basic knowledge.

Basic Medicare Info:
  • Your benefits under Medicare A and B do not change when you move State to State.
  • If you have Medicare supplements, you want to make sure that you work with an experienced licensed Medicare professional that can help you time your move and new coverage selection to ensure that there are no gaps in your coverage.  Our best advice is for you to contact a member of the Carolina Insurance Professionals team when you know your target move date. We can work together to set up a time-line that will ensure no lapse of coverage. You’ll have access to a special enrollment period- which is generally one month prior to you moving and two months after you make the move. No worry for you think about all this info—a knowledgeable agent can help you work through these details so you can focus on home closings, movers and new paint colors!
  • Make sure you do a review of your current rates of the state you are living in and compare them to North Carolina rates. You may be surprised at how the rates can vary in different states around the United States. Many folks are shocked to find out that a zip code within the same state can affect your coverage and costs.
What Supplement is Best for you as a North Carolina Resident? 

There are several factors to consider before selecting your Medicare plan. We can help point you in the right direction. Some things to consider are:

  • First, do you want your Medical and Drug Coverage under one plan?
  • Second, do you want the ability to take your bucket list trips and still have great coverage?
  • Finally, do you need Dental, Hearing, and Vision coverage?
Reminder of your A, B, C’s

You may need a review of your A, B, C’s when it comes to Medicare coverage:

  • Medicare Part A covers facility-based care such as hospital visits, emergency room services, hospice, and nursing home care.
  • Part B Medicare covers traditional outpatient treatments and services, including vaccinations, lab tests, mental health services, outpatient operations, durable medical equipment, and most other medical services not performed in a hospital.
  • Also, Medicare Advantage C plans covers elements of Parts A and B and some cool things like wellness checks, hearing aids, and vision checks. In some cases, it includes part of Part D.
  • Prescription Plan Part D covers the necessary prescriptions for needs and budget.
  • Medigap comes through private insurance companies and aims to fill in the “gaps” left in the traditional Medicare coverage.
Why Use a North Carolina Agent?

One phone call to a local agent can give you great perspective into the Medicare scene in North Carolina.  We can also give you advice on the area you are moving to and give you some great local tips!

With a licensed Medicare specialist on your side, you can easily:
  • Compare North Carolina plan options
  • Be confident that you have secured the best rates for your coverage
  • Feel positive you will have a trusted advisor on your side for this process. 
What to Do Once you are a Resident of NC?
  • Choose your New Primary Doctors.
  • Research local hospitals and facilities that are appealing to you in case you need to visit one of them.
  • Find local pharmacies with great customer service to use for your prescription plan.
  • Remember that your new neighbors and friends will be a great place to get recommendations for these referrals.
What if Someone in My Household isn’t on Medicare?

If you have someone in your household that is not on Medicare, the team at Carolina Insurance Professionals can assist them in their transition with individual health insurance. When you move to a new state, you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Our expert agents can explain your options to  you. The agent will determine if qualify for tax-credits through the Affordable Health Care Act or whether a non-subsidy plan is more appropriate. It is critical to get this conversation started when you have a move date. You’ll have 60 days from the loss of coverage in the other state to select your options in North Carolina.

Moving is stressful and we are here to help. Put “Call Carolina Insurance Professionals” on the top of your to-do-list.  Trust that we are here to help you with your health, Medicare, auto and home insurance needs. With almost 20 year of experience here in North Carolina, we can make this transition easier for you. Contact us today for a free quote! 

Most importantly–welcome to North Carolina, we believe you will love it here!