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Understanding Your Auto Policy

Drivers are required to carry minimum liability coverage in most states in the U.S. This coverage provides some protection in case you are involved in an accident that causes injury to another or damage to someone else’s property. Most vehicle owners want additional optional coverage for damage to their own vehicles. Our experienced agents at Carolina Insurance Professionals in Raleigh, North Carolina can work with... Read Article

Homeowners Insurance: When Do You File a Claim?

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover damage to your property caused by certain covered events. It stands to reason, as you are paying your premiums, you should take advantage of available coverage. The reality is, it is not always advisable to file a homeowners insurance claim as it can lead to higher premiums or even cancellation in some cases. Underwriters tend to frown on policyholders... Read Article

What You Need to Know About Home Insurance Claims

Home. Your place of retreat, your creative space, your bachelor pad. The place where you first brought your baby home, the place where your family gathers on holidays. No matter what “home” means to you, a house is one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make. So, what do you do when something happens to your beloved abode? What to File Before you even begin... Read Article

Understanding Your BOP

A business owners policy (BOP) combines protection from all major business property and liability risks in one convenient package. Package policies are created for small and mid-sized businesses that face the same type and degree of risk. A policy that combines property and business liability insurance can cover your business for claims resulting from fire, theft, and other covered disasters, and for claims that could... Read Article

How An Umbrella Policy Can Help You Better Protect Your Family

If you already have home, life, and auto insurance in North Carolina, you may think that you have all of your bases covered. But the truth is, you could have gaps in your insurance that could leave you vulnerable, namely for litigation, that could result from car accidents or incidents on your property. Fortunately, umbrella policies can help you protect your family from the unexpected. Read on to learn... Read Article