Obamacare Week in Review in October 2013 – 1

Obamacare Week in Review in October 2013 – 1

ObamaCare open enrollment in North Carolina has been available for two weeks now. You may have heard a lot on the news recently about confusion on how to use the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Some of the problems have included confusion about how and when benefits will be available, issues related to website glitches and crashes, problems obtaining proper paperwork, and concerns related to the current government shutdown. We have training and information that can help you avoid these struggles. Many questions about the Affordable Care Act are answered on our frequently asked questions about ObamaCare in North Carolina, but more have arisen since open enrollment began. We are here to help!

ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange Options

Did you know that you don’t have to find health insurance through the open exchange in North Carolina on your own? You have the option of working with a health insurance agent to help you navigate the exchange in North Carolina. At Carolina Insurance Professionals, not only have we been working with health insurance in North Carolina since 1999, but we have also been trained, certified and registered with the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.  We can help you explore options through the ObamaCare exchange or other private health insurance options in North Carolina.

Already Have NC Healthcare?

If you already have health insurance coverage, you have the option of changing your insurance, but you are not required to make any changes before ObamaCare goes into effect. We will help you compare plans on and off the exchange, saving you time and money!

The current open enrollment period runs from October 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014. We know that open enrollment and the healthcare exchange can be very confusing, but there are easier options available in North Carolina. For help and expert advice, at no extra cost to you, give us a call or get a free quote.