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Open Enrollment Health Insurance Options in North Carolina

In uncertain times, it’s important to carefully evaluate your healthcare costs when making your annual enrollment decisions in North Carolina.

What is Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment refers to the period of time (November 1 – December 15) which all members of your health insurance plan have the opportunity to enroll or change their plan. Open enrollment is only held once a year. You are typically committed to your choice for the next year unless you experience a qualifying event/SEP event.

Make sure you have looked into all your options before making your selections for the year.

Dependents (Spouse and or child(ren) Health Insurance

Did you know you may be overpaying for your spouse and/or children’s insurance?

Times have changed and many employers do not contribute to the premium for your dependents.  What that means is you may be paying for the entire portion of your dependent’s monthly premium.  You can get your spouse or children their own health insurance and potentially save you hundreds of dollars a month.  Group health insurance may be the familiar, easy option but it may not be the healthiest option for your budget.

Take a few minutes to get a quote and it could save you hundreds of dollars a month.  You owe to yourself and your family to look into all the options.

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