Obamacare 2014 Enrollment Information – 1

Obamacare 2014 Enrollment Information – 1

Still having trouble with healthcare.gov?

A new option is available to North Carolina residents who need to purchase health insurance before 2014. At Carolina Insurance Professionals, we are now offering expedited Obamacare subsidy approval and health insurance enrollment. We are introducing this new program because we want to help the numerous people who applied for subsidies early on and still haven’t been approved. This is a much faster and simpler option than struggling through healthcare.gov glitches yourself! Even if you have already started the subsidy and enrollment process online, we can help you get to the finish line. During your appointment we will also answer any questions you might have about choosing the right health insurance plan for you. Plus, when you work with us, the excellent service continues long after the Obamacare news coverage has faded.

Time is running out!

Don’t forget, if you need new health insurance coverage in place by January 1st, you only have until December 23rd to complete the purchasing process. After December 23rd, the next available coverage start date is not until February 1st! Fortunately, there is still time to start the new year with excellent North Carolina health insurance. Even if you already applied with healthcare.gov but have not received a response we can help troubleshoot your application and help you get approved and enrolled. No matter where you are in North Carolina, we can help. If you need health insurance, contact us today to schedule your appointment. Time is running out!


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