Obamacare Health Insurance Cancellation Letters – 1

Obamacare Health Insurance Cancellation Letters – 1

Thousands of North Carolina residents have unexpectedly received letters from their insurance company stating that their current individual health insurance plans were being cancelled in 2014. Recently, the news and social media have highlighted the fears and struggles these letters have caused for people who rely on their health insurance. While this helps bring attention to the growing problem, many North Carolina residents who have received these unanticipated cancellation letters are unsure how to respond.

North Carolina Health Insurance Options

Often, the cancellation letters offer alternative insurance plans, but most of them are quoted at much higher rates. Without further information, it can appear that these pricey plans are the only option moving forward, but this is not the case. Obamacare in North Carolina provides everyone with the option to compare plans and purchase the one that is best for their family.

Cancellation Letters Can Lead to Better Coverage

While the transition can be scary and confusing, in many cases, the need to find new health insurance has helped individuals obtain better coverage than they had before. Many of the cancelled plans are no longer available because they do not meet the new standards of the Affordable Care Act. Individuals or families in North Carolina or who are in the market for a new health insurance plan can often find cheaper, better quality plans than they had before, especially when they work with an insurance agent.

Previously, most people in the market for individual health insurance in North Carolina were searching for the most economical plan possible, which often meant they did not have quality health insurance coverage. Individuals researching new NC Obamacare health insurance plans are often surprised to find that the new plans are far better.

  • New plans provide more extensive coverage. The Affordable Care Act mandates that health insurance provides for ten specific essential benefits, which offer more comprehensive coverage than many previous individual health insurance plans.
  • Qualifying for tax subsidies on health insurance premiums has helped many people save money on health insurance.
  • Pre-existing conditions no longer mean denied coverage or prohibitively expensive premiums.
  • Many preventative services, such as adult immunizations and cancer screenings, are now included with health insurance, at no extra cost.
  • The end of lifetime and annual limits on essential health benefits protects individuals from suffocating medical bills and bankruptcy by ending.
Next Steps to New Insurance

Navigating the new healthcare landscape can be tricky. If you are researching plans or applying for subsidies on healthcare.gov, one incorrect answer could send your application into limbo. We have trained agents who can help you understand how the system works and evaluate the best insurance options for your family. As the deadline for coverage draws near, we also offer expedited NC subsidy approval and enrollment. Remember, even if you received a cancellation letter outlining expensive alternative plans from your current insurance company, you have options. Contact us and we can help you compare other plans and find a health insurance plan that is a good fit for your budget.


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