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We Make It Easy to Find the Right Health Plan

With all of the health plans available, selecting the right one for you can seem overwhelming, but finding the right insurance plan doesn't have to cause a headache. Here at Carolina Insurance Professionals, we have over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry. We know the ins and outs of insurance in North Carolina and can help guide you in your search. Best of all, our help comes absolutely free -- there are no hidden fees or charges. Whether you enroll on your own or use an insurance agent, the price is exactly the same. 

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Save Money by Working with a Broker

Don't go through the process of purchasing health insurance alone. The insurance navigators at don't know the ins and outs of North Carolina coverage like we do. Not using a licensed agent may lead you to:

  • Choose the wrong plan -- you may not have coverage for the prescriptions and doctors you need
  • Choose the wrong network -- the doctors and hospitals closest to you may not be in-network
  • Be denied for a subsidy even though you qualify for one
  • Miss out on further health insurance savings with a cost sharing plan
  • Incur tax penalties if you are unclear on how to project your income properly


Most importantly, you will not have a direct contact for assistance during the plan year. Using a licensed insurance agent is absolutely free. What will cost you is not using an agent!

Local Agents, Better Service

We've helped hundreds of North Carolinians just like you apply for health insurance. Because we are local health insurance brokers, we have a deeper understanding of North Carolina insurance plans that you won't find with an insurance navigator. Get all the benefits of working with an agent, such as:

  • Over 40 years combined experience in the insurance industry.
  • Certification to enroll on and off the exchange with all NC health insurance carriers
  • Expert guidance from a local North Carolina agent who lives and works here in NC
  • Understanding exactly how your subsidy works so there are no unexpected tax implications
  • Being immediately informed of changes to your coverage, subsidy, or premium made by the government
  • Having a direct contact for any questions to your health insurance plan through the year

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