How Teachers Can Save On Health Insurance – 2

How Teachers Can Save On Health Insurance – 2

If you work as a teacher in North Carolina you are probably aware that Open Enrollment for state employees starts May 20th. Before you re-enroll in your existing family health insurance policy, you may want to take a closer look at your costs.

On the state’s health insurance plan, costs to cover dependents like spouses or children can be extremely high. Often, covering a spouse or a child independently can be much more cost effective. The cost for covering your spouse under the state’s insurance policy in North Carolina can be up to $600 whereas a separate plan for a healthy male is usually around $85.

Just because you are receiving health coverage from your employer does not mean that you are saving money insuring dependents through the same plan. If you are a teacher or state employee in North Carolina, call us today to see how you could save on health insurance during open enrollment this year!

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