Medicaid Expansion began in December 2023 and it may be that you can now qualify for coverage through Medicaid. Are you confused about whether you qualify for Medicaid or an American Care Act (ACA) health insurance plan? We can help!

NC Medicaid now covers people ages 19 through 64 years with higher incomes. You may be able to get health care coverage through Medicaid even if you did not qualify before. NC Medicaid pays for things like doctor visits, yearly check-ups, emergency care, dental care, and more – at little or no cost to you.

Most people can get health care coverage through NC Medicaid if:

  • You live in North Carolina
  • You are ages 19 through 64 years old
  • You are a US citizen (some non-US citizens can also get health care coverage through Medicaid).
  • And if your household income falls within certain ranges. For example, for a single adult, you may qualify if you make less than $20,120 a year. 

If you are denied Medicaid, make sure you contact our health insurance agents to see if we can enroll you in a plan through the Healthcare Marketplace! All it takes is a simple phone call to our team of North Carolina licensed agents to determine what health plan will be best for you and your situation.