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Understanding Medicare Part A With Carolina Insurance Professionals

For many people, Medicare is a vital service that provides them with the health benefits they need on a daily basis. Despite the importance of Medicare, it can be difficult to understand the different parts within it and what they can offer. Our experts at Carolina Insurance Professionals are proud to help the Raleigh, NC area with their health coverage needs, including those who need to choose the right Medicare benefits for them. While Medicare offers coverage under Part A, B, C, and D, we will be explaining what Part A alone has to offer. 

Essential Hospital Coverage With Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is a substantial part of Medicare coverage, as it offers coverage for medical expenses that you receive during a hospital visit. With Medicare Part A, you can receive coverage for hospital services, including:

Inpatient Care at Hospitals

This coverage includes costs for semi-private rooms, food, and nursing care during your time at the hospital.

Skilled Care in a Nursing Facility

After your time in a hospital, Medicare Part A also covers the payment for the care necessary to recover in a nursing facility.

Home Health Care Services

It is possible for Medicare Part A to pay for some Home Health Services, provided that certain criteria are met.

Hospice care support

This is coverage for those who Physicians believe have less than six months left to live because of a terminal illness.

Most people who are 65 years or older are eligible for Medicare Part A coverage, but it is possible for younger people to become eligible if they are disabled or severely ill. 

Get The Medicare Coverage You Need

We are committed to serving the Raleigh, North Carolina community and helping them understand what Medicare options they have available to them. Everybody has different needs and requirements for their coverage, and we specialize in finding the right coverage plan for them. If you have questions about the different parts of Medicare and how they can help you, or you are looking to find the right healthcare coverage for you and your family, contact us today. Call our Raleigh, NC office at 919-285-4732 to discuss how we can help protect your well-being.

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