Open Enrollment

The special enrollment period (SEP) makes it simple for low-income individuals and families to enroll in a healthcare marketplace plan outside of Open Enrollment. To qualify for this SEP, you must be within the 150% federal poverty level and enroll in an on-exchange health insurance plan. See if you qualify based on your household size and income:

  • An individual who makes less than:  $20,385
  • Household size of two that makes less than:  $27,465
  • Household size of three that makes less than:  $34,545
  • Household size of four that makes less than:  $41,625

Enrolling in the Special Enrollment Period 2023 Is Simple!

Give our team of licensed health insurance agents a call today to confirm that you qualify for this special enrollment. Remember, you must have a household income within the 150% of the federal poverty level and qualify for a subsidy. Our Carolina Insurance Professionals team is here to make the process simple for you and there is no charge for our assistance!

What will I need to enroll in the 2023 Special Enrollment Period?

  • Social Security numbers for everyone on the health insurance plan
  • Estimated household income for 2023
  • Names of doctors or hospitals that you want in-network coverage for on the medical insurance plan

Contact Us at Carolina Insurance Professionals about the 2023 Special Enrollment Period.