Choosing health insurance and applying for subsidies is a complicated process – we can help with NO COST TO YOU!

Obamacare Enrollment in North Carolina

Open enrollment is the only time during which you can apply for and enroll in a health insurance plan unless you have experienced a qualifying life event. This year, open enrollment runs from November 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016. 

Choosing health insurance and qualifying for subsidies is a complicated process.  We are Health Insurance Agents (certified with the Federal Marketplace) and are available to assist you at NO COST TO YOU!  We reside here in North Carolina and are extremely knowledgeable and can explain all the health insurance options available in NC.  We can help determine whether you qualify for a government subsidy to help pay for your health insurance and we will assist you in applying.  We are familiar with the hospitals, doctors, and most importantly the networks available in your region. Plan ahead and contact us today to schedule your appointment for Open Enrollment!

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Not using an Agent Can Cost You


  • You may not understand how your income projection will be calculated and you could owe additional money to the IRS
  • You may be eligible for additional cost sharing from the government and may not realize you qualify
  • You may need to supply the government with additional documentation.  If you miss the deadline your subsidy may be canceled
  • You may choose the wrong plan – may not cover prescriptions or doctor visits
  • You may choose the wrong network – your doctors and local hospitals may not be in-network

During the application process, many of the questions can be easily misunderstood. Even if you answer just one question incorrectly, you can be denied and significant errors can occur, including:

  • You could be denied a subsidy even though you qualify for one
  • You could have unexpected tax implications after receiving approval
  • Your application may not be processed in time

"Ronee made it so easy for me to enroll, I owe her a great deal of gratitude for all her help, I would highly recommend her, P.S. We are saving over $1,200 a month with the new Obamacare." - John Selvaggio

Get Expert Help Choosing a Plan!

Once, you complete the subsidy application then you most choose from a variety of plans and carriers.  This part is even trickier to ensure you are enrolled in the proper coverage to meet your needs in your area of North Carolina.

  • Your doctors may not accept your insurance or be in your network.  They are a lot of limited network options so you must be aware which network works with your local hospitals
  • You may not understand your benefits and use your plan incorrectly which could incur additional cost to you
  • You could choose a plan that doesn’t meet your particular needs, for example may not have prescription coverage or co-pays for doctor visits
  • You may not understand your financial exposure if you suffer a major medical issue

We are licensed insurance agents and we have been trained, certified, and registered with the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.  We live and work in North Carolina and fully understand all of your North Carolina health insurance plan options. We can explain the benefits to you in detail, review your options, and help you find providers. 

We can assist you through the entire process, even after you are enrolled. It is at NO COST to you to work with an insurance agent. We have much more experience and training than the government navigators at Also, unlike the government navigators, we will provide assistance and support throughout the life of your plan.

Minimum Income Levels for North Carolina Obamacare Subsidies

2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines
Family Size 100% 250% 400%
1 $11,770 $29,425 $47,080
2 $15,930 $39,825 $63,720
3 $20,090 $50,225 $80,360
4 $24,250 $60,625 $97,000
5 $28,410 $71,025 $113,640
6 $32,570 $81,425 $130,280
7 $36,730 $91,825 $146,920
8 $40,890 $102,225 $160,360

Annual Household Income as a percentage of the Federal Poverty Level 

Have a Direct Contact  All Year Long!

Your agent will be assigned to you and you can call them all year with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your health insurance plan.

  • Agent will be notified via insurance carrier if any changes are made to your subsidy
  • Agent will monitor your plan and your subsidy and contact you if the government is requiring additional documents from you. This is crucial as many subsidies were canceled in 2015 if consumers did no provide adequate or timely documents requested by
  • You can contact agent for assistance in finding providers in your network
  • You can contact agent to replace lost insurance cards
  • You can contact agent for explanation of your benefits

With an expert NC health insurance agent by your side you'll be able to find better coverage and get better support throughout the year. Avoid mistakes by making an appointment with one of our trained, certified agents at no cost to you. We assist you is shopping for, evaluating, and applying for North Carolina health insurance plans through the Obamacare exchange.