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Health Insurance

Compare prices and coverage on over 300 plans from all available carriers in North Carolina with the help of an expert insurance agent.


Apply for health insurance during open enrollment Nov. 1, 2015 - Jan. 31, 2016. Get information on plans, pricing, and ways to save.

Life Insurance

Get peace of mind with the right life insurance plan for you and your loved ones. We’ll help you find the right plan for your needs.

We Make Finding Health Insurance in North Carolina Easy

Carolina Insurance Professionals provides the expert guidance you need when searching for health insurance in North Carolina, at no extra cost to you! We are licensed insurance agents and have been trained, certified, and registered with the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace and will be ready to assist you in shopping for plans and applying for subsidies on and off the exchange. We work with you every step of the way to find the best health insurance for you or your family.